My Favorite Travel Beauty Products

Travel Beauty Recommendations

I logged nearly 200,000 miles of plane travel last year and all that flying wreaks havoc on my skin. First impressions are everything and I’m frequently stepping off a redeye and heading straight to meetings and interviews. Here four of my favorite travel beauty products that I keep in my carry-on to ensure that I’m looking my best when I step off the plane.

 Amarte’s Natural Finish BB Cream is lighter than a foundation but has just enough pigment to smooth out my skin without clogging pores. It doubles as sunscreen, with SPF 36 protection, which is great if you’re in a window seat and scoping out the landscape. The sun’s rays are stronger the higher you get in the sky, so you want to make sure you’re covered. This cream wears very well too. Even after a 15-hour flight, my skin feels and looks pretty well hydrated and I’m not too oily. I am fairer, so I use the light tint, but there’s also a ‘natural’ tint that is a little darker. The bottle is admittedly kind of big, but there’s only 1.4 fl oz. of liquid inside so definitely small enough to bring on board if you want to reapply before landing.

A couple swipes of Mineral Fusion’s concealer duo and dark under eye circles are instantly erased. The darker color is great for covering up blemishes or uneven skin tone too. Since I’m Asian, the warm color is the best match for my skin, but there are four different palettes for blue versus yellow undertones and deeper skin tones.

My lips get super chapped when flying too, so I make sure to always have lip balm handy. After trying a dozen or so in the last year, I’ve discovered that Jurlique’s lip care balm is my favorite. There’s no scent and it’s super moisturizing without being too heavy and greasy. Plus, it’s made with all natural plant-based ingredients. I tried this for the  first time when flying business class on Cathay Pacific, because it was part of the amenity kit. When I tried to look for it at the Jurlique store in New York, it was nowhere to be found. Turns out it’s been discontinued in the US, but luckily I can still purchase it off Amazon.

Ideally your manicure doesn’t chip before you land, but in case disaster strikes, I think clean nude nails beats a chipped mani. I am pleasantly surprised at how well these nail polish remover pads from La Fresh work – just one pad really does remove the polish from all 10 of my fingers without too much scrubbing. Plus, these are acetone-free and contain aloe vera and vitamin E to moisturize nails and cuticles.

These products are travel beauty necessities for me – do you have any favorite products that you love to fly with? I’d love to hear your recommendations too.

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  1. Amanda

    Hey, Amber! I’m glad you love our wipes. Our Nail Polish Remover Pads are one of my favorites!

    So we don’t have too much confusion, I did want to point out though, that we do have TWO different nail polish remover pads that we sell, the TravelLite Nail Polish Remover Pads (pictured) and Eco-Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover (link in article). While both nail polish removers work great for quick polish removal on-the-go and can cleans and conditions all 10 nails with one pad, only one of them (the Eco-Beauty Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover) is acetone-free.

    Thanks for including us in your post!

    Live. Life. La Fresh.


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