I just returned from Telluride and already miss it. Here’s why you should book a flight to my favorite ski town ASAP.


Snowmobiling from Dunton Hot Springs to Telluride

Play in the snow.

Yes, the skiing is great and the slopes are never too crowded, but there are countless more ways to enjoy this snowy winter wonderland. I went snowmobiling (totally exhilarating!) and fat tire biking for the first time this trip and you can also snowshoe, nordic ski and go dogsledding. I wanted to ice climb but the waterfall wasn’t frozen through yet, so that’s on the agenda for next time.


Dunton Town House © Jack Richmond Photography / Dunton Life


Auerhahn Room © Jack Richmond Photography / Dunton Life

Dunton Town House just opened.

I had the honor of being the very first guest at this unassuming five-room bed and breakfast just steps from the gondola. The boutique property is a total departure for the folks behind Dunton Hot Springs, a mining ghost town turned Relais & Châteaux resort. Instead of rustic cabins and mineral springs, the decor here is cozy and contemporary with Tyrolean touches. Each room is completely unique and mine, Auerhahn (that’s German for wood grouse), is the only one with a fireplace. Just a fair warning: the fireplace gets real hot real fast, so don’t leave it on when you head out or you might set off the fire alarm like I did.


Breakfast at Dunton Town House © Jack Richmond Photography / Dunton Life

A bountiful continental breakfast of pastries, fresh fruit, juice, tea and Dunton’s legendary granola is served each morning and house manager Gareth Martin ensures your every need is attended to.

Wagner Custom Skis just opened in Mountain Village. 

Pete Wagner used his computer science background to build a proprietary software to make bespoke skis better than anyone else in the business. For the first time this season, his shop is open to the public so you can ogle the gorgeous designs and see his craftsmen at work. If you’re not 100% in love with your skis, they’ll refund your purchase or make you a new pair so you have nothing to lose.

Try Rolfing.

If you like deep tissue massages or have any pain or structural imbalances (everyone does), give Rolfing a try. This technique incorporates aspects of massage and physical therapy to release tight fascia. You can book an appointment at The Peaks Spa or go straight to Institute-certified Vincent Martin. Ideally, you have 10 progressive Rolfing sessions, but even one hour-long session will have lasting effects. Trust me – it hurts so good.


Allred’s Dining Room

Allred’s has a new pastry chef. 

His name is Jason Lemon – follow him @lemonchoux – and he is wicked talented. His range of desserts is especially impressive – from a light crème fraîche Bavarian atop chiffon cake with a splash of passion fruit caramel to an intricately layered chocolate torte with an espresso biscuit base, crunchy cacao nibs and rich ganache. Each plate is as thoughtfully constructed as it is purely delicious. Lemon uses subtle touches, like a little Woody Creek rye whiskey in crème anglaise, to heighten flavors. Plus, he understasnds the importance of texture. A generous scattering of toasted hazelnuts lends a hearty, grounding crunch to an otherwise ethereal hazelnut glacé.


Hazelnut nougat glacé with millet sponge cake and bourbon caramel

Drink up at Telluride Brewing Company and Telluride Distilling.

You’ll find these local beers and spirits at bars and restaurants throughout town. Visit both tasting rooms in the group of buildings behind the Conoco gas station just outside downtown. Both companies are still keeping production small and their award-winning products are only available in Colorado. Telluride Distilling is even serving cocktails showcasing their vodka, whiskey and Chairlift Warmer (America’s first craft peppermint schnapps) with homemade mixers. The Chairlift Warmer is great in hot cocoa or as mouthwash in the morning if that’s how you roll.

Dress in Jagged Edge gear. 

Just recently, Jagged Edge started manufacturing their own gear again. Now you can get a great selection of jackets, backpacks and accessories all made in Colorado. Their store is right on main street and they

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